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New Qrodo Ready for Quiet Launch

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

After a few months of hard work we are ready to start taking on external  users on a new version of Qrodo. The Qrodo update came from user feedback and adjustment of our strategy. We decided to introduce a highly scalable and flexible streaming infrastructure that will enable anyone to set up real-time video events on the internet. A teenager may create a rock event, or a team may broadcast a game, or a fashion shop may have promote their cloths on the internet. The businesses model will be quite interesting for all participants as you will see in future releases.

We also developed a new user interface to reflect this shift in focus, and we introduced a number of new concepts. And of course removed some to keep the complexity down.  We still maintain all our unique patented aspects of the system, such as the privacy, authorization etc etc.

Our base platform is now ready for a big launch, we will tune it for a while, and add some more on the web site, and then we will go. We already tested the platform with a few larger live events as you may have read about on earlier blog posts.

If you are interested in participating in our “quite launch” contact us at or join our user community ( and make a request there.

We are very excited! Hope you are too!!

And thanks to everyone at Qrodo in China, Singapore and Sweden. You guys Rock!!! Everybody has done their part to bring this to life.

And here a little screenshot for the rest of you! Hope it make you even more interested

The Qrodo Team