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Mälarcupen in Gymnastics 2009 live on Qrodo

Sunday, November 15, 2009

For the second year running Mälarcupen was broadcasted live on Qrodo.  Mats Cederblad took care of the technology and captured really good live footage from the competition. Very good work.

Mälarcupen in Artistic Gymnastic


Mälarcupen in Artistic Gymnastics

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Qrodo team had a wonderful time live-casting Mälarcupen 2008 from Åkeshovshallen in the western part of Stockholm Sweden during the weekend. Two observations I would like to emphasise is:

  • Mälarcupen is a yearly recurring event celebrating its 25th anniversary and you can tell, the planing is meticulous and the event is carried out flawlessly with a smiling face everywhere.
  • Gymnastik is  a fantastic sport for young people to start practice, and a very entertaining sport to watch. Find a local gymnastic club for your kids and sign them up.

Floor exercise - Mälarcupen 2008 (

Mälarcupen is an International team competition in artistic gymnastics. The competition is open to male and female gymnasts in several age groups. A handicap system allow for young coming talents to compete against established world-class gymnasts.