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Branded Channel S:t ERIKSCUPEN

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

S:t ERIKSCUPEN is the biggest youth soccer tournament in the world. It is arranged by Stockholms Fotbollförbund (Stockholm Fotball Federation) in cooperation with the sponsor Expressen. The first kick-off for S:t ERIKSCUPEN as we know it was in 1957, but during the years of 1943-1956 it had started in the name of AT-cupen.

Qrodo and Stockholms Fotbollsförbund have agreed to start a branded channel for soccer games in the S:t Erikscup. In 2009 any soccer club participating in S:t Ericscupen may live-cast their games in this channel. Qrodo will provide the service and training. Here.

Welcome to the Qrodo Blog

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Qrodo is a leading live casting service for sports communities. We provide predefined channels for all sports and you are free to announce and publish your sporting events to these.

Standard Qrodo Sports Channels

Standard Qrodo Sports Channels

You may also launch your own sport channel. Please contact us if you think you can create a business around a specific sport, club, geographic area or any other attractive branding. You know your domain, have sponsors or a network to leverage from. We have templates and a lot of best practices to get you started in a blink. Together we can accomplish favorable outcome.

Qrodo channels are unique in that they let you choose business model.

  • Base it on advertisements on channel page or injected ads into live event feeds.
  • Subscription based, where you let users pay per time period, on use or even per time period watched.