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GlobalMediaPro – Great Prices on Camcorders

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haven’t seen this site before, but the prices are very tempting.

Canon XH-A1S HD Camcorder PAL Price: EUR 3,110.00
Sony HVR-Z5 HDV Camcorder PAL/NTSC Price: EUR 2,940.00

How to Find the Best Camcorder for Filming Sporting Events

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little dated (*), but many valid points from eHow Electronics Editor.

Full article here, else see the following excerpts

Sony HDR-SR11E HD HDD Camcorder

Step4: Select a camcorder with an image stabilizer. Most of the time, you’ll be shooting from a tripod, but the stabilizer makes those on the sideline close-ups of the action worth watching

Step5: Find a model with fast shutter speeds. High performance sporting events require a camcorder that can keep up with the action
Step7: Go for a good viewfinder. You’re going to be peering through this quite a lot, so make sure that you are comfortable with it
Tips & Warnings
  • 340,000 effective pixels should be your dead minimum resolution. Always look at the effective pixel count versus the actual pixel count. The effective pixel count is how many pixels make up the image, rather than the pixels present on the CCD (charge-coupled device).
  • If you really want to spend some money, get a camcorder with 3 CCDs. The CCD converts images into electronic signals, which are transferred to the tape. Multiple CCDs break the image into the component colors and process each one separately, which improves picture quality.
  • Media: miniDV is the industry standard. The cassettes are small, which keeps the chassis size and weight down, and the video quality is reasonably high.
  • Do not expect quality footage of a football game with an entry-level budget-model camcorder. Not gonna happen.

(*) For example, If you have a choice today you most likely choose Flash memory rather than DV tape. A 16GB Flash memory cost €70

Advice from a Professional Sports Camera man

Thursday, October 9, 2008

“I have been filming ice hockey games for 10 years running now. These are my advice for buying a camcorder to film sports in general and especially ice hockey:

  • High frame rate, 50i or 50p to capture movements better.
  • Big viewfinder or LCD screen if you don’t have a good feel for the sport.
  • At least 12x Zoom.

HD, or not HD mostly a matter of taste if you are live-casting on the web, you will scale and compress away most HD details, but it is good to be forward compatible.

Last but not least you need to spend money on a good tripod. A Zoom handle to the tripod is a good add-on. Canon XHA1 is a good choice even if I don’t like the Canon colors.”

The Qrodo Way of Broadcasting Sport Events Live

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Standard DV Camcorder, Laptop and Internet e.g. 3G modem

Standard DV Camcorder, Laptop and Internet e.g. 3G modem