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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Qrodo is adding support for Mpeg/H.264. Better compression and better perceived video quality compared to the old ON2 VP 6. However it requires more CPU power. Use a dual core Intel for high resolution broadcasts. More browsers are starting to support the <video> tag, where Mpeg/H.264 and/or Ogg/Theora will become natively supported in the browser.

New Qrodo Release: Charlamov 3.0

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We have now released Qrodo 3.0, with a magnitude of improvements in functionality, ease of use and scalability. This release is aptly named after Valerij Charlamov. A legend in Soviet ice-hockey. He was always creative and made anything on the ice look easy. Relatively small, but one of the major attractions in the game of hockey when he played. He had impressive skating and stick handling skills. Not only was he a fast skater, he could constantly change gears and direction.

Many of the features in a live-casting application like Qrodo, needs to be fine-tuned for the circumstances at the venue. Our customers asked us not only to support the broadcasting crew in planning, testing and executing sport events

  • Setting up and announcing events
  • Detecting and connecting DV-cameras
  • Live-cast with best possible quality for the available bandwidth

but also prepare them for the unforeseen.

  • Switch from Wifi to 3G networks in the last minute,
  • Recover after disconnected cameras and network failures
  • Manually enter goals and strikes in the online scoreboard
  • Changing or adding cameras ad-hook
  • Adjust the streaming bitrate when you have oscillating bandwidth.

The Charlamov release can be downloaded from You still need an invite code which you can request from We would like to get you started as soon as possible.


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