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Qrodo ingtegrated with Scoreboard systems for automatic updates of time and score

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Qrodo and Scoreboard control panel integration

Qrodo today announce a new exiting feature in order to further simplify the production of sport events live on internet. The Microbus MC7010-C output is now available in live sport broadcasts. Team names, score, time, penalties and substitution information are feed to qrodo that create graphical overlays automatically in the broadcasts. The feed is also sent to the qrodo Twitter for those following the score radar.

Behind the scenes: the making of a Qrodo Event (Part 1)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Many qrodo events can be setup and life-casted on-the-go, just bring your camcorder, tripod, laptop and 3G modem and get started.

Most often however you want to be professional and create a high-profile events that you announce to your friends and network. Keep in mind also that many Qrodo Channel owners will rate event producers and have higher revenue sharing ratios for creators with a good track record.

Planing a Qrodo Event:

  1. Write down a Story in a paragraph or so.
  2. Talk to the organizer of the sport event, set expectations, exchange ideas
  3. Visit the venue for the event ASAP, test bandwidth, check power outlets, look for good spots
  4. Think through the sport specifics. What will happen game day? Will you have a long Qrodo Event spanning many games, or do the sport allow for many events?
  5. Are you gonna use the Event Cockpit to enter dynamic event information? Who does it?
  6. Write down a time table for game day.
  7. Write down a roles and crew list for game day.
  8. Configure the camcorder and create the events in Qrodo, you can manage and edit anything until the event is started.
  9. If possible do a general rehearsal at the venue with the exact same setup as you are going to use on game day. You can temporarily change the publishing channel to a “Test Channel” while running the rehearsal.
  10. At game day, gather a good hour before the games in the venue, go over the last details.
  11. Hook up power, carry tables, set up rain cover, connect to Internet, start Qrodo!
  12. A few minutes before the game chose “Start Event” and open up the cockpit.
  13. Type a comment: “The game starts in five minutes”.
  14. Set the event timer to “0”, Press “Record” and start.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A very reliable global tool for testing bandwidth is

Bandwidth, bandwidth and bandwidth

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Steaming is consuming bandwidth no matter how we twist and turn. Always test your Internet options at a venue a couple of days before an event. Many time the 3G network works like a charm, but sometimes you might be able to use wifi or wimax, or even Ethernet.

In Sweden you can test bandwidth at

Very good download speed here, but note that the uplink is only 860 Kbit/second. Still it is above the required level and you can try a high-quality 500K bitrate.

Mobile Networks: 3G with EUL/HSUPA in Service

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Like ADSL the 3G data network is asymmetrical. The download link is considerably greater than the up-link. Qrodo is broadcasting video streams and ergo mostly interested in the up-link. We have broadcasted events using Turbo 3G services where the uplink were merely 150 kbit/s. However, in reality we require a 3G network with Enhanced Uplink (EUL) also refered to as High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA), they deliver up to 1.4 Mbit/s. The 3G operators often brand it as Mobile Broadband Pro, or 3G Turbo Plus and it is availible in many big cities around the globe, both metered and unlimited. The monthly fee for unlimited services is around €30-40/month. Check if your operator is on the list, then look at the coverage for your area, and finally run a broadband test at the venue to make sure you are ready for a successful event.

The Qrodo Way of Broadcasting Sport Events Live

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Standard DV Camcorder, Laptop and Internet e.g. 3G modem

Standard DV Camcorder, Laptop and Internet e.g. 3G modem

The old sport broadcasting way: Only high-profile events

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Until recently the only feasible events to broadcast was high-profile events with a big audience.  Production team, expensive equipment, TV-channel distribution.

Welcome to the Qrodo Blog

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Qrodo is a leading live casting service for sports communities. We provide predefined channels for all sports and you are free to announce and publish your sporting events to these.

Standard Qrodo Sports Channels

Standard Qrodo Sports Channels

You may also launch your own sport channel. Please contact us if you think you can create a business around a specific sport, club, geographic area or any other attractive branding. You know your domain, have sponsors or a network to leverage from. We have templates and a lot of best practices to get you started in a blink. Together we can accomplish favorable outcome.

Qrodo channels are unique in that they let you choose business model.

  • Base it on advertisements on channel page or injected ads into live event feeds.
  • Subscription based, where you let users pay per time period, on use or even per time period watched.