International Qualification Game: Basketball Sweden v.s. Azerbajdzjan


Qrodo is Broadcasting basketball LIVE tomorrow from the qualifyer game between Sweden and Azerbajdzjan.

On Sunday the Swedish national team in Basketball won v.s. Albania with 68-57 and putting themselves in a position to qualify by winning the final group match v.s Azerbajdzjan. Take the opportunity to see a fresh, young Swedish team with Anton Gaddefors, Marrtin Pahlmblad, Anton Saks and Andreas Schreiber.

You will find broadcast by visiting the – broadcast starts approximately 18:50, the match starts at 19.00.
The match will be commentated by SBBF’s Head of Communications Henrik Schöldström and former squad Peter Theisz, a duo who commented on Swedish Basketball Television before.

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One Response to “International Qualification Game: Basketball Sweden v.s. Azerbajdzjan”

  1. Owaish Says:

    For the sake: The caricature is from today’s Dagens Nyheter. Journalist Maciej Zaremba who, at irgalurer intervals, writes excellent pieces for the paper. His new series is on the “Law of equal treatment” (Lagen om likabehandling) – introduced in 2001 – that has given incentive to a new dicrimination- & offendedness industry at Swedish universitiesThis unfortunate student is being forced to stay after school and write I am not a homophobe a thousand timesActually, Zaremba aims his criticism towards crybaby students and their up-backing unions, constantly “offended” (kre4nkta) by teachers’ decisions not to approve their thesises because of incorrect spelling, terrible grammar, etc., and claiming that they fail tests since university teachers discriminate them for being gay, Hispanic, Kurd. You name it: anything but an white, heterosexual Swedish man are discriminated against. Hence, the man writing “I’m not a homphobe” on the blackboard is a teacher, after having faced repressive actions by crybaby Kurds, Hispanics, homosexuals, and so on, exploiting Lagen ff6r likabehandling.Zaremba’s first two articles: (“First offended wins”) and (“Silence in class”)Tomorrow, the third – and last – piece of his series will be published. Not only crap is published in Swedish MSM, thank heavens..

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