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Sweden – Azerbaijan 128-61

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A great game by the Swedish basketball team last night. The result 128-61 in the last game and also the fact that Sweden wins the group is very promissing for the continuation of the European Basketball tournament. Anton Gaddefors scored 27 points and proved to be a very strong defensive force on top of the perfect shooting game. Martin Palmblad, E Rush and Anton Saks all made great games too.

International Qualification Game: Basketball Sweden v.s. Azerbajdzjan

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Qrodo is Broadcasting basketball LIVE tomorrow from the qualifyer game between Sweden and Azerbajdzjan.

On Sunday the Swedish national team in Basketball won v.s. Albania with 68-57 and putting themselves in a position to qualify by winning the final group match v.s Azerbajdzjan. Take the opportunity to see a fresh, young Swedish team with Anton Gaddefors, Marrtin Pahlmblad, Anton Saks and Andreas Schreiber.

You will find broadcast by visiting the – broadcast starts approximately 18:50, the match starts at 19.00.
The match will be commentated by SBBF’s Head of Communications Henrik Schöldström and former squad Peter Theisz, a duo who commented on Swedish Basketball Television before.

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Swedish Championship 2011 in Power Lifting

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Swedish Championship in Power Lifting took place during the weekend of August 19-21 in Lund. The competions in Bench press, Dead lift and Leg Press were all live broadcasted by Qrodo.

Eskilscupen LIVE

Monday, August 8, 2011

This years Eskilscupen was broadcasted live by a local team together with Qrodo crew. The tournament is played at 22 fields during 3 days, with teams from all over the world. A unique concept for tournament has been developed together with Eskilsminne, ResursBank and Qrodo.

This is a snapshot of the web-tv portal develeloped by Qrodo for the use by Eskilscupen.