Our Table tennis clip – hijacked


Our footage from the table tennis game including Mattias Översjö in the Eslöv vs Söderhamn game. The clip has been shown 600 000 time on YouTube, hijacked by TV and Web TV media in many countries. Sold and given away to a few. Here a hijacked clip.

Table tennis trick shot

The table tennis shot of the year. From Qrodo. See http://www.qrodo.com and the YouTube clip at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEe1CTjvbC4

Live sports at http://www.qrodo.com

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3 Responses to “Our Table tennis clip – hijacked”

  1. Robert H Doppenhiem JR Says:

    It is a shame that established media behave this way. I am a lawyer specialising in digital rights. I would recommend you to seek some kind of agreement.

  2. Anders Nilsson Says:

    You can also see it as good PR. I googled tabletennis and then Qrodo. Now I know about you guys.

  3. Kelvin Says:

    Who else remembers the last boat pulilng away from the island and Dave 7 running out on the pier only to be left behind? LOL Fucking classic. Doc on the beach in the morning with people dancing on the little wooden raft just offshore was magical .I dont remember much of the casino party .but I’m pretty sure this is the set Doc played inside he played house on the beach. I also remember that there might have been a second room or a funk room downstairs? I remember Doc playing the Sweet Pussy Paulina track in this room and him pointing at someone and saying he made me play it which made everybody laugh. I remember buying a couple Milky Way tapes at this party. If anybody has a recording of the MTV clip or knows how to obtain it please let me know.

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