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Enhance Firewire up to 1000 meters

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Firewire repeater that manage all speeds from 100-800 Mbps and fully complies to IEEE 1394 a and b. Th eproduct consists of a sender and receiver that are connected with a multimode fiber (62,5/125) or 50/125). No special device drivers are required.

Quarter finals in Floorball: AIK 5-6 RIG

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On Sunday February 1, Qrodo live-casted a very exciting junior quarter final floorball game from Råsta Park. The home team AIK took the lead and it looked like an easy win. The visiting team RIG Umeå was not at all on their toes and looked uncomfortable. But it soon became a most dramatic and shifting game. AIK was leading 5-3 when 3 minutes remained. The game shifted and Umeå started hitting their shots. 6-5 in one minute and 30 second.


The game was characterized by a two good defences and a creative offense. Most people, like me, had AIK as the winner AIK, first time i the quarter finals, but the team has been a very predictable winning machine this year. Good luck in the semi-finals RIG.

Many great players in both teams, we like to highlight the AIK goaltender Jocke Hellman (****) responsible for many great saves, creative forward Andreas Nordström (****)  and strong defense man  Adam Ekman (*****).

Uneven Bars

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On the uneven bars (also known as asymmetric bars, UK), the gymnast navigates two horizontal bars set at different heights. The height is generally fixed, but the width may be adjusted. Gymnasts perform swinging, circling, transitional, and release moves, that may pass over, under, and between the two bars. Movements may pass through the handstand. Gymnasts often mount the Uneven Bars using a beatboard (springboard). (From wikipedia)