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Campeonato Internacional de Clavados Xtreme Diving Acapulco

Sunday, December 21, 2008

This years competition in Acapulco was a fantastic show with participants from Canada, Colombia, USA and Mexico. Orlando Duque from Colombia won the individual program and the Mexican team with Francisco Gómez and Juan Pablo won the synchronized  diving. The legendary cliff at La Quebrada is 36 meters over the ocean and the springs are dramatic and memorable.acapulco-clavistasFor next year’s event we will have an upgraded INTERNET TELCEL 3G service to leverage from which will allow us to broadcast predictably with high quality. Together with la Secretaría de Fomento Turístico del Estado de Guerrero and TV Azteca Guerrero we hope to make the 2009 event as big of a success as 2008 broadcasted worldwide over the Qrodo Diving Channel.

New Qrodo Release: Charlamov 3.0

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We have now released Qrodo 3.0, with a magnitude of improvements in functionality, ease of use and scalability. This release is aptly named after Valerij Charlamov. A legend in Soviet ice-hockey. He was always creative and made anything on the ice look easy. Relatively small, but one of the major attractions in the game of hockey when he played. He had impressive skating and stick handling skills. Not only was he a fast skater, he could constantly change gears and direction.

Many of the features in a live-casting application like Qrodo, needs to be fine-tuned for the circumstances at the venue. Our customers asked us not only to support the broadcasting crew in planning, testing and executing sport events

  • Setting up and announcing events
  • Detecting and connecting DV-cameras
  • Live-cast with best possible quality for the available bandwidth

but also prepare them for the unforeseen.

  • Switch from Wifi to 3G networks in the last minute,
  • Recover after disconnected cameras and network failures
  • Manually enter goals and strikes in the online scoreboard
  • Changing or adding cameras ad-hook
  • Adjust the streaming bitrate when you have oscillating bandwidth.

The Charlamov release can be downloaded from You still need an invite code which you can request from We would like to get you started as soon as possible.


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Qrodo receives government research funding

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It was announced today that Qrodo receives a government grant to extends its research and products to live sportcasting for sport clubs. More to be announced, here is the Vinnova announcement.

SASK Celebration broadcasted

Saturday, December 6, 2008

saskshow11Saturday evening SASK (Stockholms allmänna skridskoklubb)celebrated their 125 years anniversary. SASK does primarily figure skating, and have fostered Olympic gold medalists.

The 125 year anniversary was celebrated with a great show in Stockholm, involving skaters of all ages. The show was broad-casted by SASK themselves using Qrodo.

The grand final was a beautiful show involving both pair and group exercises. We hope to see more figure skating events on Qrodo soon.


Lag-SM in Fencing Day 1 – Stockholm 081129

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This was the first fencing event ever in Qrodo and everybody in the team were very excited about the oppertunity. Normally we broadcast over the 3G network, unless we have better options. This time we were able to use the ADSL line of Sport and Rehab Center that have their facilities in Åkeshovshallen. Many thanks.

Day 1 of the Swedish championship held Men’s team Foil and Women’s team Épée. Qrodo were live-casting from piste 1 where Men’s Foil competition took place. Top class performances were Ängby FK team 1 came out as winners. Unfortunately we missed the new nonpareil star Emma Samuelsson, who was leading her Göteborg FK to the win.


Foto: Göteborgsposten

Épée ladies, 17 teams

1. Göteborgs FK (Camilla Martinsson, Emma Samuelsson, Anneli Strand)
2. Djurgårdens IF team 3 (Pia Albertson, Pia Björk, Maria Elmfeldt Öhrskog, Ninni Kysela)
3. FFF team 1 (Anna Bæcklund, Sabine Mayer, Vendela Runold, Svetlana Svitachuk)

Foil men, 7 teams

1. Ängby FK team 1 (Petter Bengtsson, Tomasz Gorál, Filip Hedenskog, Oskar Weinberger)
2. Göteborgs FK (Henrik Lundegard, Martin Lundegard, Mattias Magnusson)
3. Ängby FK team 2 (Max Hellström, Johan Nyman, Juan Uria, Thomas Åkerberg)

Fencing: Passata-sotto

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
An evasive action which is initiated by dropping a hand to the floor and lowering the body under the opponent’s oncoming blade. Often accompanied by a straightening of the sword arm to attempt a hit on the opposing combatant. (Wikipedia)

Lag-SM in Fencing Day 2 Stockholm 081130

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Qrodo had the honor to live-cast Men’s team Épée and Sabre events on Sunday from piste 1 in Åkeshovshallen. Thre were close and action-packed finals.

A reminder that all finals are available as on-demand recordings from the Qrodo Fencing Channel. You can also help augment the recordings with “tag” or “highlight” in a collaborative effort to enhance the viewing experience for everybody.


Men’s Sabre, 5 teams

1. Örebro Kampsportförening (Johan Classon, Anton Lagerholm, Eric Wigren)
2. Ängby FK team 1 (Tomasz Goral, Filip Hedenskog, Henrik Ljungberg, Oscar Weinberger)
3. Ängby FK team 2 (Christopher Andersson, Ludwig Flyborg, Erik Pleijel)

Men’s Épée, 23 teams

1. Föreningen för Fäktkonstens Främjande team 1 (Tor Forsse, Andres Gomez, Joar Sundman, Jan Tivenius)
2. Djurgårdens IF team 1 (Mikael Brandt, Carl Frisell, Atle Lindbäck, Ulf Sandegren)
3. Uppsala FF team 1 (Peo Danielsson, Ken Hansen, Björn Johansson, Erik Johansson)

Bromma Bombers wins 6-1 – Live on Qrodo

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

bb-halsinge1On Sunday evening the hockeyteam Bromma Bombers won an important home game at Stora Mossen. It was a strong game and BB never gave the visitors a chance. 6-1 was the final score. The match was broadcasted live at the dedicated Bromma Bombers channel.

Swedish Championship in Fencing – Live on Qrodo

Monday, December 1, 2008

lagfaktning21During the weekend of November 29-30 the Swedish Fencing Federation, Ängby Fäktklubb and Qrodo delivered a spectacular live-casting event from the Swedish Championships in Team Fencing. During the first day 500 unique viewers followed the fencing at the Fencing Channel.