Skateboard: Quiksilver Vert Invitational 2008


quicksilver-viewer1On Saturday November 15 2008, Qrodo live-casted the skateboard event Quicksilver Vert invitational 2008 from Stockholm Skatepark (Fryshuset) over the Tre 3G mobile network. The event was listed and available for free in the Extreme Sport Channel. For the filming we used a semi-pro Sony DV camcorder using resolution 752×520. The live casting of the event had around around 140 viewers and is considered the modest invitation effort a good number.

The Qrodo video player now support live tagging to help other viewer with interesting action. We have plenty of features planed to really take benefit from the contributions from a community.

The winner of the event was Jussi Korhonen.

Resultat Quiksilver Vert Invitational

1. Jussi Korhonen, Finland
2. Pontus Björn, Borlänge
3. Stephen White, Stockholm
4. Bob Joosten, Holland
5. Macki Chounouzidis

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2 Responses to “Skateboard: Quiksilver Vert Invitational 2008”

  1. hello Says:

    wheres the videos???

  2. Konrad Says:

    Follow the “Extreme Channel” link in the posting. Go to the Quiksilver skateboard event and watch qualifications and finals. If you know more about the competition or skateboard in general you can help other viewers with highlight comments. Press “!” when you see a trick that you want others to see and name it appropriately.

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