Stockholm Futsal Open 2008


The final of Stockholm Futsal Open was looking like a draw until only 4 seconds remained. Järfälla scored and won 2-1 over Shankar Söderort. Falcao and Örebro FC shared third place. The arranging club Stockholm Futsal Club lost in th equarter finals to Örebro. A very well played tournament and some samba futsal highlight can be viewed in the recordings at


Quarter final Järfälla – Access2tel 5-2
Quarter final Shaktar Söderort – Väsby Futsal 1-1 (1-0)
Quarter final Sthlm FC 1 – FC Örebro 2-5
Quarter final Falcao Futsal – Älven FC 4-1

Semi final Järfälla – FC Örebro 3-0
Semi final Shaktar Söderort – Falcao Futsal 2-0

Final Järfälla – Shaktar Söderort 2-1

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