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Skateboard: Quiksilver Vert Invitational 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

quicksilver-viewer1On Saturday November 15 2008, Qrodo live-casted the skateboard event Quicksilver Vert invitational 2008 from Stockholm Skatepark (Fryshuset) over the Tre 3G mobile network. The event was listed and available for free in the Extreme Sport Channel. For the filming we used a semi-pro Sony DV camcorder using resolution 752×520. The live casting of the event had around around 140 viewers and is considered the modest invitation effort a good number.

The Qrodo video player now support live tagging to help other viewer with interesting action. We have plenty of features planed to really take benefit from the contributions from a community.

The winner of the event was Jussi Korhonen.

Resultat Quiksilver Vert Invitational

1. Jussi Korhonen, Finland
2. Pontus Björn, Borlänge
3. Stephen White, Stockholm
4. Bob Joosten, Holland
5. Macki Chounouzidis

Bromma Bombers HC – TV

Monday, November 17, 2008

bombers-viewer1This weekend Bromma Bombers Hockey Club in Stockholm kicked-off their on-line hockey channel. Bromma Bombers HC will be live casting their home games, and increasingly market them for hockey lovers. Bromma Bombers is a gang of experienced winners, who will not back down even if they meet the Hanson brothers.

Bromma Bombers lost the game, but was not giving the win away easily. They fought back with but getting over ten penalties made things difficult for them. But they are never dull to watch, if you want real hockey action Bromma Bombers is a team for you.

We are looking forward to many great games online with the Bromma Bombers. Join Their growing community of fans come to live games or watch them live on Qrodo.

European Venture Summit

Monday, November 10, 2008

Being a start-up we are always in fund raising mode.  Due to our increasing traction in the market we are starting to look at new financing options.  We recently got selected to present at the European Venture Summit.

European Venture Summit

“On 1 & 2 December 2008, Dusseldorf (Germany) will be host to the 2nd edition of the European Venture Summit, offering entrepreneurs from Biotech & Industrial Biotech, ICT and New Energies the opportunity to grow their businesses across borders by facilitating contacts to an experienced and international network of venture capital and corporate investors, strategic partners and expert advisers.”

We hope to see you there to discuss partnerships or other joint opportunities.

Qrodo Event: Stockholm Futsal Open

Monday, November 3, 2008

On Saturday November 1 2008, Qrodo live-casted Stockholm Futsal Open from Råstaparkhallen in Solna over the Tre 3G mobile network. We used one semi-pro Sony DV camcorder using resolution 752×520. The live casting of the event was not announced until  Friday, but it still had around around 100 viewers.

Stockholm Futsal Open 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

The final of Stockholm Futsal Open was looking like a draw until only 4 seconds remained. Järfälla scored and won 2-1 over Shankar Söderort. Falcao and Örebro FC shared third place. The arranging club Stockholm Futsal Club lost in th equarter finals to Örebro. A very well played tournament and some samba futsal highlight can be viewed in the recordings at


Quarter final Järfälla – Access2tel 5-2
Quarter final Shaktar Söderort – Väsby Futsal 1-1 (1-0)
Quarter final Sthlm FC 1 – FC Örebro 2-5
Quarter final Falcao Futsal – Älven FC 4-1

Semi final Järfälla – FC Örebro 3-0
Semi final Shaktar Söderort – Falcao Futsal 2-0

Final Järfälla – Shaktar Söderort 2-1