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Finals of S:t Erikscupen live-casted on Qrodo

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On Saturday October 18 Qrodo live-casted the finals of S:t Erikscupen from field A of Skytteholms IP in Solna. The finals were available in the branded Qrodo channel “S:t Erikscupen”. We were using a local Wifi spot courtesy of Vasakronan with a uplink of 700 kbit/s.

First out was boys 14 years old. Brommapojkarna was playing AIK in a very exciting game were two penalty kicks in the second half was pivotal. Stefano Vecchia from Brommapojkarna scored his chance, while AIK shot it over the cross-bar. Players-of-the-game were Simon Tibbling (BP) and Simon Werner (AIK). In the final for girls 14 years old, Hammarby IF DFF won 2-0 against Tyresö FF. A fantastic game where Hammarby had most of the game and scored twice by Josefin Nordin and Nelly Karlsson-Åhlén. Players-of-the-game were Nelly Karlsson-Åhlén (HIF DFF) and Isabelle Berg (TFF). AIK FF was underdogs in the boys 15 final, but Poya Dehghan scored the only goal in the game and the Brommapojkarna team was not able to respond. Players-of-the-game were Ludvig Cederteg (BP) and Mathias Modin (AIK). The AIK girls age 15 was controlling the game against Brommapojkarna, but BP was very efficient in the defense and it look like a draw until the very last minute when Aminata Sy blasted the ball into the net. AIK winners. Players-of-the-game were Jackie Kirsch-Brunzell (AIK) and Angelica Cilicci (BP).

Branded Channel S:t ERIKSCUPEN

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

S:t ERIKSCUPEN is the biggest youth soccer tournament in the world. It is arranged by Stockholms Fotbollförbund (Stockholm Fotball Federation) in cooperation with the sponsor Expressen. The first kick-off for S:t ERIKSCUPEN as we know it was in 1957, but during the years of 1943-1956 it had started in the name of AT-cupen.

Qrodo and Stockholms Fotbollsförbund have agreed to start a branded channel for soccer games in the S:t Erikscup. In 2009 any soccer club participating in S:t Ericscupen may live-cast their games in this channel. Qrodo will provide the service and training. Here.

Google for Firsov, Maltsev, Krutov and Bykov

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Google search for Soviet hockey players. Interestingly enough the qrodo blog show up in top 5

The current Qrodo release is named after Valerij Charlamov. Charlamov is a real legend in Soviet hockey. He was very creative and unpredictable on the ice. Relatively small, but one of the major attractions in the game of hockey when he played. He had impressive skating and stick handling skills. Not only was he a fast skater, he could constantly change gears and direction.

Valerij Borisovitj Charlamov

Valerij Borisovitj Charlamov

Who would you like to see naming the release thereafter? Who is your favorite? We have used Firsov, Maltsev, Krutov and Bykov earlier.

The first line of CCCP in Canada Cup 1987 with Aleksej Kasatonov, Vjatjeslav Fetisov, Igor Larionov, Vladimir Krutov and Sergej Makarov must be the best line ever? The second line during these dominating years with Bykov, Chomutov och Kamensky was fantastic, but my second all-time line is of course Valerij Charlamov, Vladimir Petrov and Boris Michailov that ruled the rink in Summit Games and World Cups of 1970s. The real striker; during 15 years in the CCCP-jersey was Alexander Maltsev with 213 goals. The first Qrodo release was named after Anatolij Firsov who played in the Soviet team from 1962–1972. He is probably the first non Swedish player that I picked as my favorite in the Stockholm world championship in 1970. From that era we have forgotten the big defenseman Alexander Ragulin.

Qrodo Live: Stockholm Kendo Open

Monday, October 20, 2008

On Saturday October 18 Qrodo live-casted Stockholm Kendo Open over the Tre 3G mobile network. We used one semi-pro Sony DV camcorder using resolution 752×520. The uplink from Tre ( was very reliable at 800 Kbit/s and up to 1,2 Mbit/s. We experimented with two configurations of Qrodo, during the event, one with 25 frames/s and one with 15. The higher quality stream was steady around 500 Kbit/s, but went up to 1,3 Mbit/s when we used zoom and pan, which is understandable as the video encoding is based on deltas, when the scene changes alot the bitrate goes up significantly. The lower quality stream was streaming at 300 Kbit/s and topped at 800 Kbit/s for agressive camera management.

Kendokas in the D-class

Kendokas in the D-class

Stockholm Kendo Open –

Monday, October 20, 2008

On Saturday 18th of October, Stockholm Kendo Open was live-casted using the Qrodo service. The tournament had participants from 13 countries and friends and family in the home countries could follow the action at


  • A-class: Rafal Jastak, 23 years old, 3dan from PZK Polish Kendo Federation.
  • D-class: Kurumi Matsui, 22 years old, 4dan from Federation of Kendo Saint Petersburg Russia.
  • B-class: Dennis Mattsson, 27 years old, 1kyu from Uddevalla Kendoklubb.
  • J-class: Alexander Hamilton, 17 years old, 2dan from Wäsby Kendoförening.

Qrodo live-cast of Mälarcupen 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

On Saturday October 11 and Sunday October 12 2008, Qrodo live-casted Mälarcupen in Gymnastics over the Tre 3G mobile network. We used one semi-pro Sony DV camcorder using resolution 752×520. A simple production, no cuts, no overlays, no slow motion. The event had around 1000 viewers mostly from the Nordic countries.

Sverige, 8558 Finland, 1702 Island, 818 Storbritannien, 309 Danmark, 190 Taiwan, 159 Norge, 324 Spanien, 170 USA, 14 Kina, 10. Viewed live minutes.

Qrodo Event: Mälarcupen

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Price ceremony Women Uneven Bars

Price ceremony Women Uneven Bars

Fantastic Peformance on the Uneven Bars by:

Jóhanna Rakel Jónasdóttir, Armann, Island
Dora Sarpaneva, Helsingfors GK, Finland
Ida Gustafsson, Eskilstuna GF, Sverige
Inna Nyysönen, Kieppi, Finland
Agnes Suto, Armann, Island
Alexandra Olsson, Eskilstuna GF, Sweden

Mälarcupen in Artistic Gymnastics

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Qrodo team had a wonderful time live-casting Mälarcupen 2008 from Åkeshovshallen in the western part of Stockholm Sweden during the weekend. Two observations I would like to emphasise is:

  • Mälarcupen is a yearly recurring event celebrating its 25th anniversary and you can tell, the planing is meticulous and the event is carried out flawlessly with a smiling face everywhere.
  • Gymnastik is  a fantastic sport for young people to start practice, and a very entertaining sport to watch. Find a local gymnastic club for your kids and sign them up.

Floor exercise - Mälarcupen 2008 (

Mälarcupen is an International team competition in artistic gymnastics. The competition is open to male and female gymnasts in several age groups. A handicap system allow for young coming talents to compete against established world-class gymnasts.

Behind the scenes: the making of a Qrodo Event (Part 1)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Many qrodo events can be setup and life-casted on-the-go, just bring your camcorder, tripod, laptop and 3G modem and get started.

Most often however you want to be professional and create a high-profile events that you announce to your friends and network. Keep in mind also that many Qrodo Channel owners will rate event producers and have higher revenue sharing ratios for creators with a good track record.

Planing a Qrodo Event:

  1. Write down a Story in a paragraph or so.
  2. Talk to the organizer of the sport event, set expectations, exchange ideas
  3. Visit the venue for the event ASAP, test bandwidth, check power outlets, look for good spots
  4. Think through the sport specifics. What will happen game day? Will you have a long Qrodo Event spanning many games, or do the sport allow for many events?
  5. Are you gonna use the Event Cockpit to enter dynamic event information? Who does it?
  6. Write down a time table for game day.
  7. Write down a roles and crew list for game day.
  8. Configure the camcorder and create the events in Qrodo, you can manage and edit anything until the event is started.
  9. If possible do a general rehearsal at the venue with the exact same setup as you are going to use on game day. You can temporarily change the publishing channel to a “Test Channel” while running the rehearsal.
  10. At game day, gather a good hour before the games in the venue, go over the last details.
  11. Hook up power, carry tables, set up rain cover, connect to Internet, start Qrodo!
  12. A few minutes before the game chose “Start Event” and open up the cockpit.
  13. Type a comment: “The game starts in five minutes”.
  14. Set the event timer to “0”, Press “Record” and start.

How to Find the Best Camcorder for Filming Sporting Events

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little dated (*), but many valid points from eHow Electronics Editor.

Full article here, else see the following excerpts

Sony HDR-SR11E HD HDD Camcorder

Step4: Select a camcorder with an image stabilizer. Most of the time, you’ll be shooting from a tripod, but the stabilizer makes those on the sideline close-ups of the action worth watching

Step5: Find a model with fast shutter speeds. High performance sporting events require a camcorder that can keep up with the action
Step7: Go for a good viewfinder. You’re going to be peering through this quite a lot, so make sure that you are comfortable with it
Tips & Warnings
  • 340,000 effective pixels should be your dead minimum resolution. Always look at the effective pixel count versus the actual pixel count. The effective pixel count is how many pixels make up the image, rather than the pixels present on the CCD (charge-coupled device).
  • If you really want to spend some money, get a camcorder with 3 CCDs. The CCD converts images into electronic signals, which are transferred to the tape. Multiple CCDs break the image into the component colors and process each one separately, which improves picture quality.
  • Media: miniDV is the industry standard. The cassettes are small, which keeps the chassis size and weight down, and the video quality is reasonably high.
  • Do not expect quality footage of a football game with an entry-level budget-model camcorder. Not gonna happen.

(*) For example, If you have a choice today you most likely choose Flash memory rather than DV tape. A 16GB Flash memory cost €70

Advice from a Professional Sports Camera man

Thursday, October 9, 2008

“I have been filming ice hockey games for 10 years running now. These are my advice for buying a camcorder to film sports in general and especially ice hockey:

  • High frame rate, 50i or 50p to capture movements better.
  • Big viewfinder or LCD screen if you don’t have a good feel for the sport.
  • At least 12x Zoom.

HD, or not HD mostly a matter of taste if you are live-casting on the web, you will scale and compress away most HD details, but it is good to be forward compatible.

Last but not least you need to spend money on a good tripod. A Zoom handle to the tripod is a good add-on. Canon XHA1 is a good choice even if I don’t like the Canon colors.”

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A very reliable global tool for testing bandwidth is