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Aros Cupen: Qrodo delivers another live cast success!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Aros Cupen: Qrodo delivers another live cast success!

Aros cupen was a success!!! We are extremely happy to say that Aros cupen was a great success for Qrodo. The streaming platform worked flawlessly, our Qrodo based recording worked like a charm. And we did it over Mobile internet. While other event streaming solutions require dedicated servers and fiber; Qrodo offers a cloud computing service for live events that anybody can use, and works over limited bandwidth. We casted Aros cupen over mobile internet. We tried both mobile internet from 3, and a new service using the analog NMT network.

The great thing with is that it covers essentially all of the Nordics, making it possible to live cast a Qrodo event for virtually anywhere. But we love both 3 and because they both make Qrodo casts possible ūüėČ

With the console the event manager adds events for the matches, adds score, makes comments, add tickers. And! ads.  We created a channel for Aros cupen, and the great thing is that any sports event or club can do the same for all their events.

Obviously we have some things we need to tweak for the big launch in the fall, and some functions to add. But Aros cupen was the verification we needed to show that the infrastructure is ready, and we are ready to go.

Although Qrodo is simple enough for anybody to use and create events with, we can refer Qrodo saw y event staff if you need help.

We are still in beta, but if you just send us an email we will provide you with an invite code.

Qrodo Releases named after Russian Hockey Player

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Following a tradition since the very start of Qrodo development, we have used famous Russian hockey players to name releases. The current release Qrodo Bykov 2.1 is named after Vyacheslav Arkadevich “Slava” Bykov. A small, technically gifted center, he was a regular on the Soviet national ice hockey team in the 80’s and after the fall of the Soviet Union he played for Team Russia in the 90’s.

Firsov, Krutov, Maltsev, Bykov and the next release is becoming Charlamov.



Boo FF live casting football!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another live youth sports event on Qrodo. On 15th of June Boo FF will be livecasting sommarlovscupen . There will be one feed from the main field, and another interview camera. Should be great fun for all those relatives and friends that can not participate at the fields. And for us at Qrodo it is yet an opprotunity to improve our self-service live casting system.